James Callaghan

Outstanding Art

James Callaghan stands high in the art world, his highly creative paintings are created in his head and made real by hand. His attention to detail and his creative skill is beyond reproach.

"I stood and looked at his work, admiring the skill", Our gallery manager, Stu Duffy, continued. "The test of great art is when you go back and you find something new, and all of his work offers this opportunity"

"On face value it might look dark in nature but look closely, it is not dark per se, a more accurately it is reflective!

On the walls from the artist:

George Square

Check out our Gallery for the latest work by James "George Square" is making people stop and think about the Square they take for granted!

Tree of Souls

It's a breathtaking piece, you could almost think it a representation of hell, but think of it in these terms: this is a tree of mistakes and lost opportunities, use this to reflect and never miss a chance.

The Robin

Feel free to get lost in this image, we do!

Originals and Prints

James has these available in the gallery and he also accepts commissions. Commissions can take up to 6 weeks depending upon the style and size, to commission him just send and email or pop in and see us art@AnUnexpectedGallery.com