John Barlinie

Surreal Good

John has been creating amazing art work within the gallery as an Artist in Residence. Although his genre of choice is surrealism, his command of the brush and years of experience means he can cover many genres.

"John's creativity is breathtaking, he constantly draws the attention of visitors to the gallery!" Stu Duffy, one of our Gallery Managers, is a fan, "John has his own style yet can draw on other artists for inspiration, 5 minutes talking with what motivated a painting or what the meaning is leaves me stunned but appreciating the depth of the piece!"


Frog on a Log by John Barlinie
Deep Wash by John Barlinie

Surrealism with a message

Pure Mental by John Barlinie
Adrift by John Barlinie

Originals and Commissions

John is an Artist in Residence at An Unexpected Gallery. He has many of his works on display and available, if you would like to see more or commission him then you can pop in or email us. Send and email or pop in and see us

Midnight Garden by John Barlinie