Contemporary portrait by Stevie Nicholson


Bare walls are often described as soulless! Unless your a minimalist, in which case your walls are the art!

I like art on my walls when I first walk into the house I have a large canvass with bright rich colours that wash away the day, whilst on the living room walls there is art that helps reflect who I am. The hallway and stairs have photos and paintings of loved ones, both gone and present.

Having a painting of a loved one, place or something special to you on the wall gives it a special place in your home!

Make the walls tell your story, it give others, and yourself, insight into who you are and what is important to you.

A special place, a childhood memory, a loved one or just you! Our artists can take your image and idea and weave it into art that has meaning and fits onto your life!

The Cottage - commission by Bobby Rennie
Impressionist landscape painting by Max Michael McKinnon
Linda London completing a commission for a customer

Lets get started!

It is really simple!

  1. Email us with your idea, you might want to feature a specific colour!
  2. Give us an idea of the size, i.e. 30" x 75" or 10" square - we work in metres, centimetres and pixels too!
  3. If you have a budget in mind let us know or we can give you a few artists that can do your 'commission' with the price and you can choose!

The gallery will manage the whole process and we can arrange to have the completed work sent to you!

We can organise framing too and deliver to anywhere in the world!