The Portrait Artists


Somewhere in the modern world we lost sight of the portrait, we upload billions of photos per week. Photography has enabled us to create memories at the click of a button but how do we single out the truly wonderful and then how do we give it its place?

To give an that image an emotional and substantive value we need to single it out for special attention, make it last and let others know that this is important to you. In short we transform it into art!

We hold a fascination for art, visiting museums and wonder at the people in the paintings. When these were created only the landed gentry could afford it, however, at An Unexpected Gallery, it is within the range of every single person!

Shake it up with something different!

Alison Dalrymple

Alison Dalrymple - the alternative family portrait style

Stevie Nicholson

The Dreamscape by Stevie Nicholson